Knitting Factory Entertainment

Knitting Factory Entertainment

I led the project to redesign & develop a network of 6 websites as well as a mobile version of all sites. KFE were moving from Ticketfly to TicketWeb and required the information from the CRM to feed into each of the relevant websites.


The design and layout were developed through several rounds of UX/UI reviews and adhered to the brand guidelines provided by the client. Basic responsiveness was built into the sites to allow for iPad browsing in both landscape and portrait modes.


All 6 websites in the network are built around a WordPress core with custom OO based PHP integrating the JSON API response from TicketWeb to display all events. As the website receives relatively high levels of traffic the JSON response is cached on the server and automatically updated every 10 minutes to reduce the load time. Minification of code and WordPress caching is incorporated to further lower the strain on the servers.

Key Skills

Website Design, HTML, CSS3, Javascript / jQuery, OO PHP, API integration (Facebook, Twitter, TicketWeb), Project Management, Client Liaison

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